Glass Jelli's Eggplant Earrings
Glass Jelli's Eggplant Earrings

Glass Jelli's Eggplant Earrings

Galatic iridescent mini eggplant earrings! Made by my grandma. Each piece is beaded by hand using glass beads.

Measures 3 cm long. Hangs from sterling silver ear wire.

Please handle and wear with care :)

Each pair is one of a kind.

My grandma has been making little beady creations for as long as I can remember. We live in different cities and one of the ways she kept in touch was thru care packages filled with all sorts of beaded things; fruits, animals, keychains, purses, veggies, she could make anything. They were so special and I treasured them so much. My favourite memories of visits together would be sitting side by side for hours and doing whatever craft she was into at the time, although I never quite figured out beading. I thought this would be a nice way to celebrate my grandma, her creative influence on me, and the sweet lil fruits of her labour!

She is so excited to see her work turned into jewelry and for others to wear and love :) :) Enjoy!